New Technologies, a new Service

Dont't think server. Think service.

Zuse was developed in C# with the .net Discord API, this allows very fast command execution as well as better optimisation for large scale applications. The main feature of Zuse is the integrated Development functionality, with this you can easily implement a new command. No coding needed.
We are also implementing a text adventure style game. With this you can kill some time and play an awesome adventure including raids and world exploration. Also we value your data more than anything else. This means:
Your data is safe with us and won't be ever used for anything but Zuse.

Smart Assistance

Your bot is here to listen to you and talk with you!

This feature won't be available on the first testing phase.
Ever had that lonely night where you weren't able to find a friend to play with or maybe missed a game to play? We change that, we are using TensorFlow™ voice recognition and DialogFlow™ by Google™ to analyze your voice in a voice chat and give you a fun time when your alone or with others, games to play, funny response and an entirely new personality to get to know.

What sets us apart

And what makes us a ecosystem instead of a bot.

Our Blog

We have a blog where we show you all our current work in progress features and where you can comment under the changelog on what features you would like to see in the next version. Feel free to click on me right here!

Your data is Safe

Deamonic does everything it can to keep their users data safe and private. This is why we handle most of the hosting (as much as possible) in our own Servers in a data center we trust. If you want to know more click on me!

Great Support

Ever had a issue with a Discord Bot or wanted a feature but didn't really know where to find help for your issues? We offer a complete support website with full help solutions for your ease, just click on me and find your way right there!

Continuous Updates

Zuse will be filled with a continuous update cycle, we will always try new ideas and push new features to satisfy as many users as possible. We think a bot can never be too perfect. I mean nothing can be too good right?

We Listen

Your the most important thing to us, this is why community feedback is important to us. So important that our gitlab has its own section just for your requests. We try to satisfy all of you as best as we can!

A Discord Adventure

We started a new objective recently, its called a DiscordAdventure. We are trying a new thing and if you are interested in text adventures and retro games: click on me, to get more info about this part!